Description :

The tour starts from Mumbai – the Bollywood and Cosmopolitan city will give you a glimpse of the diverse culture prevailing in the City. Some of the rich of the richest are residents of this City. The visit will include Gate way of India, Flora Fountain, Church Gate Stations and a short sailing to Elephanta Caves to see Trimurti or Triple headed Shiva. A short flight will take you to Rajkot, a city of Gujarat where you will visit Mahatma Gandhi Home and Musuem. Journey will take you further to Junagadh to see Mahabat Maqbara, the striking monument rising from nowhere. Elaborate carvings inside and outside will fascinate you. Visit the Jain Temple at Girnar Hills with 10000 steps to see the Jain Temples. Visit Churches in Diu, being governed by Central Government directly. Somnathpur Shore Temple with Shiva Idol. Continue your journey to Bhavnagar, a Port city. Visit the Jain Temples in Palitana with 3700 steps and see the intricate carvings in marble in the Temples. Continue your journey to Ahmedabad the capital of Gujarat. Visit Sabarmati Ashram where Mahatma Gandhi stayed for 13 years. Visit the Akshardam Temple. Visit Modhera Temples, Patan the ruin city and the step wells. These will leave you spell bound with its marvellous architect. You will return to your Sweet Home via Mumbai having travelled through some of the unique monuments.

Duration: 11 Days / 10 Nights


Description :

Tour starts from Delhi – India’s Capital and political seat. Old Delhi was built by Moghuls and New by British, known as LYUTENS. One Hour flight will take you to the first city of Gujarat – Ahmedabad. A vibrant city with Industries and Temples. Sabarmati Ashram where Mahatma Gandhi spent 13 years of his life. Wankaner, located on the bend of River Machchau and Gondhal where you will see some vintage selection of cars. Junagadh is a place of pilgrimage. It has produced many saints. A climb of 10,000 steps to see Jain Temples will be rewarding journey. A visit o Gir will give you the glimpses of last Asiatic Lions in their natural habitat. Diu – city with beautiful Beaches and churches is a feat to watch and stay. Visit Somnath Temple devoted to Shiva. Jain Temples of Palitana located on two parallel hills are made of marbles by devoted architects. Sasangair – to see the Asiatic Lions. Dasada – a little village on the outskirt of Rann of Kutch. Take a Camel Ride, watch the colourful Birds and other animals and go for Open Jeep across the desert, which was once the part of sea but became a baron land due to receding of Sea. The area is surrounded by Rivers. At the end of this fascinating journey, you will fly back - Sweet home via Mumbai.

Duration: 15 Days / 14 Nights


Description :

Tour starts from cosmopolitan Mumbai where you can visit Gateway of India, National Gallery of Modern Art Flora Fountain and Elephanta caves. Tour proceeds to Hyderabad, the Capital with its colourful Markets, Biryani restaurants and the Golkunda Fort and Museum to see collection of Asian and European Arts. Visit Gulbarga to see a unique Mosque and the Fort, which has 15 Towers. Proceed on to Adil Shahi King’s Bijapur. Visit includes Golgumbaj Mausoleum houses the bombs of Adil Shahi Family. It is one of the largest Domes next only to St. Peter Basilica in Rome. Visit the Whispering Gallery where sound echoes. Continuing the journey visit Badami’s cave Temples, depicting the secular nature of following Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. En route to Hospet, visit the world Heritage site of Aiholee and Pattadkal. Hampi another World Heritage site – an amazing site spread over 36 Sq. Km. was thriving place until it was razed by Deccan Sultans. To absorb and understand the ruins and the temples built in Hampi, one has to stay for couple of days. Proceed onwards to Goa to relax. Once the Portuguese Colony, one can see the architect in the Old House spread all over Goa. The endless Beaches. One can go Bird watching, trek to waterfalls and see cathedrals or relax at the Beaches and enjoy the Goa food in the Restaurants or the Shacks on Beaches.

Duration: 14 Days / 13 Nights